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Staff leasing is a special service we offer that enables clients to outsource the management of their employees’ payroll, compensation and certain human resources processes. Once contracted, we become the actual employer of your staff and take responsibility for the timely and correct payment of their salaries, benefits, tax and social security contributions.

The staff leasing service is appropriate for clients facing the following business cases:

When the company wants to keep the staff listing/number low.

The company’s business is based on short-term employment.

The company is seeking to optimise the overall activities’ structure within the business.

The company is aiming at reducing employee costs.

The client prefers to delegate the overall payroll and HR processes to a specialised company.

How does the staff leasing service work:

It starts with contracting PM Solutions EOOD as a staff leasing company.

PM Solutions EOOD signs labour contracts with the approved staff for lease. We therefore share and allocate with the client responsibilities and liabilities - PM Solutions EOOD becomes responsible and liable for employment, payroll and employee tax compliance, while the client retains responsibility and control over managing the employees for the actual business operations.

PM Solutions EOOD runs all payroll-related payment procedures for the employees and reports to the client on a monthly basis. We perform a detailed upfront clearance with the client on all details related to the payments.

PM Solutions submits to the client on a monthly basis a detailed breakdown of the staff costs incurred, all benefits and compensations, overtime and all other employee costs agreed upon with the client HR department.

The client provides a monthly payment to PM Solutions EOOD after an invoice is issued. The invoice amount includes the staff costs, our service fee and all applicable taxes as per Bulgarian legislation.