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At PM Solutions EOOD we take care of your complete payroll lifecycle and act as your payroll department. Our highly skilled and expert payroll managers have extensive experience across a large range of industries with handling all processes related to labour contracts and payroll management. Our payroll services include:

Processing of all employee forms, documents and information relating to benefits and deductions, leave of absence (paid time off) and overtime.

Calculations of gross wages, social security contributions to the budget, personal income tax, preparation of pay-slips.

Preparation of bank transfer documents for net wages, social security and taxation payment.

Generating and sending to the bank the payroll file for payment processing.

Preparation and submission of Declarations #1 and #6 and all necessary documentation for the NRA.

Preparation of custom reports for HR and accounting purposes your business may need.

Outsourcing your payroll lifecycle to a specialised payroll company will save you a lot effort and time you can dedicate to focusing on your business. Working with our payroll experts at PM solutions EOOD has several key advantages:

Staff optimization.

Reduction of staff costs from running a payroll department.

Enhanced security and confidentiality as payroll processing involves complex and potentially risky business operations.

Consistent and continuous updated expertise and service quality, without being dependent on employee turnover.

Comprehensive quality services in compliance with all legal regulations for running the payroll lifecycle.

Payroll services at PM Solutions EOOD are offered on a monthly basis and include the complete handling of all processes related to your payroll lifecycle:

Preparation, handling and maintenance of all labour contracts and annexes, staff files, and electronic ledgers.

Registration, amendments, termination of labour contracts and handling of all supporting documentation.

Preparation of employee job descriptions according to your guidelines and needs.

Preparation of all staff related documents.

Termination of labour relations and information preparation for the NRA.

Preparation and completion of employment record books, administrative forms and all documents, relating to termination of labour relations and retirement.

Preparation and submission of statistical employment quarterly reports to the NSSI for company staff paid time, wages, labour costs, etc.

Representation before labour authorities.

Regular consulting and advice on day-to-day employment and compensation issues from our payroll experts.