Lilia Georgieva

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Lilia Georgieva

Accounting Services Expert

Lilia has over 22 years’ experience and qualifications in financial management, accounting and consulting, achieved from working with a significant number of local and foreign companies based in Bulgaria. She is also experienced in management and reporting of EU-funded projects.

Lilia joined PM Solutions 7 years ago and has since served as a key accounting expert responsible for outsourced client services including quarterly and year-end reporting, financial statements preparation – P&L report, balance sheet, cash flow statement and others.

Born in the heart of Plovdiv, Lilia is a dynamic and energetic personality, always eager to learn something new. She loves dwelling into the secrets of psychology and studying the challenges of human relations as a hobby in her free time. She is a valued member of our team believing that successful businesses and great teams are based on chemistry, trust and synergy between people and is an example of these great qualities herself.